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Get Involved
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We have Outlined some Frequently Asked Questions

We hope some of our Q&A will assist in your need to know. If we have missed answering your question, please contact us.

Most Common Questions

We’re here to answer any questions that you have about our organization’s mission, vision, and how to get involved.


We contact via email, phone or by completing any of our forms under the Contact Us section of our website.

Email Address
Phone Number
You can complete a volunteer application at the following link: Become a Volunteer
To be a board member complete the board biographical form at this link: Join Our Board
Yes, we anticipate a minimum donation of $250.00 per member
Yes, we rely on Corporate Sponsors please click Sponsorship form link: Sponsorship
We accept donations year round. Donations can be contributed monthly, or on an annual basis please click donation link: Donate Now
Your donation will contribute to our youth, families and community programs Read more.
We direct resources to youth, families, and communities, by enhancing education through our teen pregnancy prevention programs, providing training services to individuals, thereby better enabling them to participate in the workforce and making the economy stronger, and improving our communities.

*Donating your time by volunteering
*Donating resources or supplies (i.e., clothing, toys, electronics, non-perishable food, blankets, gift cards etc.,)
*Offering in-kind services
*Consider joining our nonprofit’s board
*Helping increase their visibility by sharing posts on social media or spreading the word about upcoming events and opportunities. 

Help Us to Make Difference

Let’s Stand for the Youth and Families in Need

We Kindly appreciate your willingness to volunteer or providing of a donation.  Every penny counts and can go a long way to support a child or family in need.