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Executive Committee

General Function: Review board agenda, personnel, budget, and act in the absence of a regular Board meeting. This committee is comprised of the board officers.

This committee is composed of three members for this course, the Board Chair, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. At the end of the course, the Executive Committee completes a report on the responsibilities of Board leadership and the progress of our
Board in developing a nonprofit organization giving an overview of the process and the key functions of each committee, and detailing board responsibilities.

Finance & Fund-raising Committee

General Function: Review and monitor with staff the monthly status of the organization and the development of the fiscal year budget and propose it to the board for approval. Organize the annual campaign to raise funds for the organization.

The role of the Board in financial oversight is to be stressed, and the reporting requirements and accountability standards used to develop the financial policies. A sample budget for a new nonprofit organization is to be developed with the fundraising committee reflecting where the initial monies will come from.

This committee will develop a revenue-generating plan that addresses how the Board, the staff, and the volunteers will raise monies. This plan is to utilize diverse sources of revenue such as trusts, grants, and fees for services.

Board Development/Nominating Committee

General Function: To identify new volunteers that would be a valuable asset to the Board of Management and recommend them to the Board or for program activities.

Recommends individuals to the board, conducts orientation sessions for new board members, organize training sessions for the entire board, and suggest new, non-board individuals for committee membership.

Marketing/Public Relations & Program Committee

General Function: To promote the image and community awareness of CVSS by all means. Monitor and assist the staff to insure that quality programs are being conducted.

Assist and participate in various programs, services, and special events. Serve as a screening committee for program reviews, evaluation, and implementation for all programs and activities.

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