Youth Programs

Youth Program
Juveniles Obtaining Business Skills (J.O.B.S.)
The basic approach of the Juvenile Obtaining Business Skills (JOBS) program is to offer youth ages 14-17 an extensive span of opportunities in areas such as pre-employment, job readiness, interview skills, and other training.  Students learn job training and job preparation skills that focus on resumes, applications, interviews, role-playing, office techniques, clerical training, computer training, graphic design, and telecommunication.  Training sessions consist of small group interactions, “one on one” individual training, group mentorship, and job shadowing.
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Youth Program
Teen Ambassador Program (T.A.P.)
The TAP is a youth advisory committee to the CVSS Board of Management. The advisory committee is composed of 25-30 students per local high school site that provides support and guidance to CVSS from a youth perspective. TAP members participate in various activities which include providing information about activities at their local schools: participating in planning events, organizing, coordinating, and carrying out carious projects that affect the youth within the DFW Metroplex.


500 Youth
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Youth Program
Student Outreach Services (S.O.S.)
This program is designed to utilize youth as valuable resources in giving back to their community. The selected youth participate in a one-year community service project designed to improve the lives of families and promote the understanding of problems, issues, and programs within their community. Each student is asked to volunteer at least 40 hours during the school year.

15,000 Hours

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People that Need Clean Drinking Water
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Let’s Help Children Build a Happy Future
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Youth Program
Teen Youth Council (T.Y.C.)
The TYC is an innovative youth program composed of 25 students from local junior high schools. Members participate in various activities that include providing information about local school activities at their local schools and volunteering to assist in planning, organizing, coordinating, and carrying out various projects. The program is designed to provide youth in grades 6-8 with the opportunity to explore their minds and discuss issues that can and will have an impact upon their lives.


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Youth Program
4D’s-Proud Responsible Program (Discovery, Development, Decisions & Determination)
CVSS’ 4D’s-Proud Responsible Program (Discovery, Development, Decisions & Determination) is a community and school-based project designed to serve youth that is the most high-risk or vulnerable for pregnancies. The program targets participants with the greatest need, ages 11-18, grades 6th -12th, residing in areas with high teen birth rates located in the cities of Arlington, Fort Worth, Mansfield, and Grand Prairie, within Tarrant County, in the state of Texas. The program incorporates strategies that include problem-solving, and critical thinking, and lays the foundation to motivate youth to explore and examine consequences and become accountable for their actions.

These strategies focus on helping students build critical social, emotional, and academic skills necessary to succeed in school, career, and life. CVSS seeks to create empowerment within the youth, enabling them to succeed regardless of their surroundings or environmental situations.

The curriculum consists of abstinence education, adolescent development, financial literacy, educational & career success, healthy life skills building, and abstinence & contraception practices for the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS.

Through the implementation of the 4D’s-Proud Responsible Program, each youth will experience a learn-apply environment that reflects a core value that supports the learning and acquisition of skills, while improving decision-making attitudes and motivation regardless of conditions and socioeconomic background.


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The purpose of the CVSS Youth Programs is to help the local DFW students primarily in middle or high school with the resources, and education to help promote the development of strong leadership skills, essential communication skills, and workshops and conferences that will help them in all aspects of life. The Youth Programs also help to address job and interview preparation as well, to elevate youth to success.

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